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Rick's Records of Shreveport, LA, has an amazing collection of vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, games, collectibles, and more. Family owned, we have over 40 years of experience in the music field. Recently recommended by Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders at her concert in Shreveport. Read what our customers have to say about our selection.

Rick's Records belongs to a true culture enthusiast and collector. The store itself is cluttered, but Rick's super willing to help you find that next piece of great vinyl, cd, or movie, and like most great record store owner's, he knows his inventory like the back of his hand. His wealth of knowledge of albums, artists and genres is unmatched. Let Rick guide you through the mountains and valleys of vinyl and you'll find something great to take home. - C. Smeltzer


At Ricks Records you'll find a great selection of records, CDs, and movies. You could spend hours looking through all his records. I would definitely shop here more if his records were reasonably priced. He does accept trades for store credit. – R. Roberson


Great selection of DVDS and records. I mostly went there for DVDS and after scouring the region for used DVDs I found the mecca. I will be back. I was short on time. – T. Spring


This is the kind of place that I look forward to stopping in after a stressful day at work or on a lazy Saturday when I have a few meager dollars itching to jump out of my pocket. Rick and his staff are kind , and very helpful , and you ALWAYS see something you want! – J. Dronet


This place is RAD. I'm almost reluctant to say so because I don’t want people knowing where all the good records I want are. When I walked in one of the guys said "Here's the prog section," YEAH! Lots of killer funk and killer new wave stuff. The guys who run the place, Rick and John are really cool too. – J. Durbin


Love this store ....just received my Rochester Record player as a wedding gift and these guys and lady lol was very friendly ... Helped me with finding a Billie Holiday record !!! Will definitely be back! Great Local business! – Y. Mitchell


Love this place!!! Best place evr to buy Vinyl, CDs, cassettes, VHS, DVDs, videogames, Rock Meomorabilia, and more... 5 stars and 3 thumbs up.......... – A. Sthesia


first visit was very impressive!!!!! loved the knowledge of the music!!!!!! – C. Cerbus


Sooo cool, finally somewhere that has all you could possibly be looking for, all types of music, DVDs, games, accessories, posters, t-shirts, hoodies, you name it, even vinyl albums!!! I enjoyed browsing the store and the owners are awesome!!! I will be returning!! – K. Wilson


Fantastic selection of used CD's, DVD's, Vinyl lp's, Cassettes, Rock T-Shirts, VHS Tapes, Anime, Comic Books, and other collectable items. 1000's of items to choose from and they special order items too! I highly recommend this store! – M. Hughes

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