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Get a great selection of movies and documentaries in regular DVDs or Blu-ray discs. From action and horror to comedy and sci-fi genres, we have a great collection of DVDs for you.

  • Action and drama

  • Horror

  • Western

  • Science fiction

  • Comedy

  • Music DVDs (concert footage)

  • Documentaries and more

Wide range of movie DVDs

Be floored by our over 40 years of music knowledge and music collection. We'd bet you'll spend a lot of time in our store!


Rick's Records of Shreveport, LA is the perfect store if you're looking for rare vinyl records, 45s, 8-track tapes and music-related collectibles. Call us today at 318-868-4268.

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Come and take a look at our large selection of low-priced music CDs and DVDs. You can return the merchandise if you're not fully satisfied.

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